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Death Space

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Death Space

Rated 96% with over 10,000 copies soldFusing space exploration, fast-paced combat, trading, and a healthy dose of point-and-click comedic adventuring, 3030 Deathwar Redux sets you free to roam an entire war-torn galaxy filled with devastated planets, uninhabitable zones, and space stations in quarantine lockdown.Help freewheeling space pilot John Falcon get back on his feet in a huge open world inspired by both the classic Elite and Lucasarts' finest adventures, and plot your own course through the game's dizzying array of missions, stories, and places. Top 30 Best Space games of all time by Steam 250's impartial Steam rankings It's not been a good day for you. Your crew has discovered a dead body, your brand new ship's been impounded by the cops, and most people you run into seem very unhappy with you... probably something to do with that missing cargo of gold bars.So... will you take on a couple shady delivery jobs in order to afford a better ship, or will you downsize to a cheap jetsuit and go shooting space-junk for quick money? Will you perhaps decide to focus on finding that missing gold shipment before the local gangs and salvage teams get there first?Meanwhile, there's that damn mechanic who sold you a stolen ship, and a mysterious 'Taoist' group everyone keeps talking about. Oh, yes, you have most definitely found yourself inextricably caught up in a plot of intergalactic intrigue...Features: Open-world space adventuring with frantic combat and 30 star systems to explore. Stations to board, bars to visit, scores of space scum to talk to. Ghostly derelict ships to discover via your star-map, space-walk into, and salvage valuables from. Large variety of intriguing jobs and missions, with exciting, and occasionally silly side-quests. A diverse array of ships to buy and upgrade. The once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to refuel from the corona of a sun without burning up! Pirate Stations to discover, and the option of living a life of crime, piracy, cargo stealing, and nastiness. The chance to invest in a large cargo ship and go asteroid mining for metals, or just haul goods between systems. Hidden wormhole shortcuts, comets, unique stations, and a ton of secrets to uncover. An irreverent, thoroughly amusing, and enthralling main story. A whole load more!Developed by Matt Griffiths & Mic NAdditional Design by Max Dohme Published by Crunchy Leaf Games


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